Jorge Silva

Software Engineer

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About Me

I love to solve problems, discuss ideas and build exciting stuff. I have a good understanding of how the web works and experience with multiple methodologies/technologies.

I'm mostly interested in Full Stack Development, DevOps and Software Architecture.

Pragmatic, hard worker, strong defender of process automation, and a firm believer that good code should be readable and testable. I strive to create simple and elegant solutions.


Applied Blockchain

Software Engineer

Listed by Gartner as a global top 20 development and consulting firm in 2017, Applied Blockchain is an innovative applications development company, focusing on DLT and smart contracts.

Applied Blockchain has an expert team of blockchain developers that have been building cutting-edge solutions for disruptive startups and corporate clients in banking and finance, e-payments, energy trading, aviation, telecommunications and social impact sectors.

We are building a new generation of decentralised applications, working through some of the most interesting problems in this field such as KYC, identity management, transactions anonymity, encryption and data security.

I work as a lead frontend engineer, building complex and robust applications for our corporate clients.


Software Engineer

Blip is a software house that is part of Paddy Power Betfair (one of the biggest betting companies in the world).

I work as a Full Stack Engineer, developing software as part of the Risk and Trading Team. We focus on building performant applications to innovate and improve the company business.


Software Engineer

Semasio is a SaaS for media agencies. In the platform, users can use semantic behavioural targeting to define market segments for online advertisement.

Semasio has fleet of services that ingests data from across the web and creates statistical models of user belonging to market segments.

I worked all across the software stack, mostly in C#. I did full stack development, container creation/orchestration with Docker and Service Fabric, test automation, etc.


Lead Software Engineer

Codeplace is a marketplace for web development tutorials.

I worked with Ruby on Rails and built crucial pieces of software for the company.

This experience enhanced my perception about the software development process and growth / maintainability at an early stage startup.


Consultant - Analyst

As consultant for Deloitte financial services, I worked on two projects for the Insurance Industry.

The first project was an ETL integration between two companies.

The second was to design and implement a Continuous Integration environment to automate delivery. I set up a Jenkins pipeline which, when triggered, would build, deploy and test multiple components on a staging environment. The result of the tests would dictate de validity of that release.

I learned about the work-life on a big company and how they traditionally operate (culture and technology-wise).


Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Sept 2009 - July 2014

Master's Degree in Computer Science

During college, I attended and organized multiple meetups/hackathons/conferences.

As part of AEFEUP direction team, managed the logistics for student parties and other extra-curricular events.

For my Master Thesis, used machine learning techniques to predict whether a given user was more or less prone to buy a product based on his previous actions on an e-commerce website.

Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos

Sept 2006 - July 2009

High school

It was during High school that I fist started coding. Started with Pascal, Visual Basic and C/C++.

For the final school project, did an homebrew implementation of Guitar Hero (which was awesome and I'm still very proud of it to this day).


Bolsa de Formadores CNJ

An event management platform. Used by CNJ - Conselho Nacional da Juventude to create, share, and organize documents and participants.

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Node.js Web Crawler

A flexible web crawler written in Node.js. Capable of generating a tree of visited pages, while listing the static assets for each one.

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While in college, I was part of the organization of some tech conferences and got involved in everything from fundrasing, to logistics or building the speaker lineup:

ENEI 2013

Talk a Bit 2014


Main Languages and Frameworks Infrastructure / CI Javascript Frontend Tooling Backend Frameworks Databases Misc

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